End Ofline Flame Arrestor

End Ofline Flame Arrestor

End ofline flame arrestor used in petroleum storage tank vents. Application is in preventing fire in the atmosphere from entering an enclosure. End off line flame arrestors prevent fire from igniting an explosive atmosphere such as in a refinery. Flame arrestors may be installed in furnace air inlets & exhaust stacks.

Application of End ofline arrestors

  • Hazardous group designation or value of the gas.
  • Flame stabilization performance characteristics of the arrestor compared to the system potential for flame stabilization for sustained periods of time.
  • Process gas temperature.
  • Pressure drop across the arrestor during venting flow conditions, relative to the systems maximum allowable pressure and vacuum. 5. Material of construction that meet the ambient and process conditions for example, extremely cold climate, salt spray, chemically aggressive gas.
  • Connection type and size.
  • Instrumentation requirements.

End ofline arrestors Approval

  • Portotype testing as CMRI standard.